How Eddie Ndichu celebrated his wife’s 34th birthday

January 12, 2018 at 14:08
How Eddie Ndichu celebrated his wife's 34th birthday

Janet Mbugua is happy to have married the love of her life Eddie Ndichu. Well, he doubles up as her husband and best friend as revealed on most of her posts.

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua

After quitting her job as a news anchor, Janet Mbugua seems to have occupied herself with new projects to keep herself busy.

Apart from all her busy schedule, the lady is full time mum and wife to her young family. As she celebrated her 34th birthday, her husband Eddie Ndichu could not hold back from appreciating her through his Instagram page.

The lovely Janet Mbugua

The catchy message

Though the message written by Eddie Ndichu was brief, one can’t help but notice how grateful he is to have Janet Mbugua in his life. He describes her as his best friend and greatest gift from God. He wrote saying;


  1. Happy birthday Janet

  2. Happy birthday to her

  3. Happy Birthday girl

  4. Happy birthday janet

  5. Happy birthday Janet ndichu

  6. Happy Birthday girl

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