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Elani is back with a new jam dubbed ‘Only You’ and it’s totally worth your time (Video)

October 31, 2019 at 18:45
Elani is back with a new jam dubbed 'Only You' and it's totally worth your time (Video)

For sure, we had missed Elani, the trio that treated us to powerful jams like; KookooJana Usiku, Milele. After a long hiatus, they are finally back.

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The group that is made up of Bryan Chweya, Maureen Kunga and Wambui Ngugi has released a new song titled Only You and we can’t get enough of it.

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This jam talks about a time when people are willing to come together and commit to being with one another. The big step as some people would say.



There are several reasons why I love this jam. The first is because Kenya’s favourite YouTube couple of Ben Cyco and Wanjiru Njiru are starring in it and what better way to celebrate two people who genuinely love each other.

The second reason is that the vocals of the artists in this jam are so sweet. Every time you listen to Wambui, Bryan or Wambui, you can feel what they are singing about deep in your heart and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The third reason is the video is really great. I really loved the depictions it paints a better picture of what the trio are talking about. If I had to rate this song, I would give it an 11/10. Yup!

Watch Only You below and tell us what you think.




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