Elani’s Maureen Kunga shows off her make up free face, she is a natural beauty!

April 21, 2017 at 11:03
Maureen Kunga's make up free face

She was recently rumored to have dumped her band mates to venture into a solo musical career but it now seems that Maureen changed her mind and is back with Elani…hopefully for good this time around.

Anyway, have you ever known that she is a natural beauty? In fact after sharing her makeup free photos on her Instagram, we can now agree that even without a scrap of beauty product on her visage Maureen Kunga is as beautiful as always.

She joins the list of Kenyan celebrities who can comfortably share photos of their make up free faces without caring what their audiences might say.

So far Avril has shared hers and truth be told…this might have been one hard time she has had to face after her own friends roasted her for having acne.

However, as for Maureen Kunga things seemed different as she captioned the photo saying…

Maureen Kunga's make up free face

Maureen Kunga’s make up free face

Maureen Kunga's make up free face

Maureen Kunga’s make up free face

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