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Elderly woman confirms the late Meru University student leader was shot by a police man

February 28, 2018 at 09:30
Elderly woman confirms the late Meru University student leader was shot by a police man

Students from Meru University are currently in mourning after their student leader was shot in the head by a policeman.

This happened yesterday after students held protests; following the increment of  school fee at the Meru University of Science and Technology.

Since most are not in a position to afford it; they then decided to demonstrate hoping the school would at least listen to their cry. However things ended up escalating as the anti-riot police used bullets to control the students.

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Students leader killed

According to reports it seems that the police had been given directions on who to go after. Apparently they went after the student leader Evans Njoroge; shooting him at a nearby village as revealed by one elderly woman who told SDE,

“The student ran into my shamba and the administration police officers who were following them came to my homestead, however one remained in the vehicle. One officer asked me where the student had gone, l kept silent but when he insisted and asked for the third time l showed him the direction and that was when he ran towards the direction and shot him, he had a short gun and if l saw him l can identify him,”

Students council Chairman escapes death by a whisker

According to students the police had been targeting the most vocal students and this is how Evans Njoroge was killed. The students council chairman Wangila Wabomba was lucky enough to get away. One student added to say;

“We were exercise a democratic right protesting over the increment of the school fee but now the police come shooting all over. It was a shot of targeting our student’s leaders and they now managed to kill our most vocal secretary general. You can see how the followed him to the shamba miles from where we were holding demos.”

Students and parents are now demanding for justice.





  1. Yaani University inabehave vile gava inabehave kwa opposition and anybody who disagree with them!That was very cold,just for protesting,death.I see no reason then why the university should have student leaders.In fact turn the uni into a prison coz I see no difference between the two

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