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Emotions run high as Diana Marua bids her nanny goodbye (Video)

September 18, 2020 at 10:34
Emotions run high as Diana Marua bids her nanny goodbye (Video)

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Diana Marua was forced to let one of her nannies go after recent developments that could not be avoided.

Through her vlog, the mother of two revealed that one of her nannies, Jane was expectant for the new man in her life and it was time she bid her goodbye as she starts a new journey with her lover.

Diana Marua

It so happened that when Jane had gone to visit her children and her mom back home just recently before Corona hit, she got locked down in her home area and meanwhile, met someone she fell in love with.

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As Diana Marua and family bid the nanny goodbye, the lass decided to surprise Jane who she had worked with for at least an year, with some of Majesty and Heaven’s clothes they were no longer using, Diana’s maternity dresses and a new phone just to stay in connection and as a way to say Thank You.

Sad Goodbyes

Sadly, the day before her departure, Bahati’s first child, Morgan broke down to tears after the sudden announcement and Diana could not help but console him.

Diana Marua and Morgan Bahati

The other nanny, Irene Nekesa got emotional as well, but wished her colleague nothing but love and light. The family cut a cake to mark the day and celebrate moments shared as Jane finally packed her bags and left.

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As Diana was seeing her off to the stage, she promised to cover for her maternity fees when the nanny was due delivery as well as paid in full her salary for the month with a bonus to top it up.

Watch as the emotional moment went down:

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