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Ephy Saint ´reconciles´ with baby mama, Chantelle Petit in staggering captions

December 13, 2019 at 11:50
Ephy Saint ´reconciles´ with baby mama, Chantelle Petit in staggering captions

Embattled Tahidi High actor, Ephy Saint seems to have patched things up with baby mama, Chantelle Petit.

The history between the two has not been all rosy with all manner of insults thrown from both ends of the spectrum.

However, seems like the past is gone and we now live in the present. Ephy Saint took to his Instagram account to post stunning photos of Chantelle Petit, accompanied by beautiful captions.

Out in the world of nature to feel the calming effect that nature´s goodness brings. In one photo, Chantelle looks pretty delighted with a charming smile from ear to ear.

Ephy then sweetly captions:

It would be nice to see her Smile.

Ephy Saints appreciates the mother to his daughter, Chantelle Petit

In his second post, Chantelle looks up as the sky pours soft beams of light on her flawless skin and Ephy strikingly captions:

I see beauty differently than most. HAPPY Jamuhuri Day.

Ephy Saint showers his baby mama with untamed love

Clear indication that that was yesterday´s update, for those who might think they are TBT photos.

Change is indeed inevitable.




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