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Eric Omondi flashes opulence at JKIA ahead of grand performance in Tanzania

September 25, 2020 at 13:05
Eric Omondi flashes opulence at JKIA ahead of grand performance in Tanzania

Eric Omondi has proven that the fine things in life are his everyday lifestyle.

The kid popularly known for his online theatrics and staging stellar performances in big crowds, is scheduled for a major gig in Mali Asili stadium, Mwanza in Tanzania this evening at 6pm.

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He left the country early morning ahead of the much-publicized event, but even before take off, Eric decided to showcase some of the global brands he had on.

Kenyan comedy star Eric Omondi

The 43-year old first paraded his high-end multi-colored watch, moving on to the gold jewellery hanging from his neck and his interesting flashy earrings.

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Talk of his checked signature golden 2-piece suit before he flaunted his red-bottom Louis Vuitton slip-on black men’s shoes.

Bragging; Onyesha viatu buda! Le President! while bouncing towards his plane ready to take off, but unable to contain the elation and pride in him about just how good, life had turned out.

Just have a look at the crazy guy;

His post saw fans tag him Kenyas Simba, cautioning him about tempting women with his fine wardrobe taste.

marykaish95 Na sasa juu umepiga look lazma ashike makende🤔🤔🤔😹😹😹


makenadorcas3 Make sure umepeana mimba huko😂😂😂our simba🙌🔥
As others asked him to come back to Kenya having polished his Kiswahili in Bongo land during his short stay there.

The event

Tonight’s event is one the President of Comedy in Africa had started planning for way before the set date, as early as August, with parody videos imitating Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz just to psych up fans for what was set to drop.

Comic videos of him on stage during what looked like a sold-out event previously, somewhere in East Africa, was among his numerous hype videos ahead of today.

Allow me to leave this here and make sure you listen till the end;




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