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‘Eric Omondi I want my money’ Woman claims a ‘broke’ Omondi hired her car and is now unable to pay 

March 05, 2019 at 10:55
'Eric Omondi I want my money' Woman claims a 'broke' Omondi hired her car and is now unable to pay 

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself in yet another scandal following money he owes a car hire agent.

According to a post shared on Group Kenya, Eric Omondi is being accused of ditching a car he had hired from a lady by the name of Wambui.

Apparently Omondi ditched the car at Moi international airport 3 days after his show and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car.

The police who towed the car claim it was  parked on a yellow line and the car keys had been thrown under the car.

Since the car had been left at the airport parking lot for a few days, the police kept an eye on it hoping the owner would should up.

However, no one did and this is why the car was towed. With this there is now a bill to be settled inorder for the car to be released.

Eric Omondi dodging the bill

The comedian is however said to be dodging the bill and judging from the screenshots shared by the lady; you one can see that Eric Omondi giving her blue ticks.

Now the story is out, we are waiting to hear what Eric Omondi has to say.





  1. Kumbe hii tabia niya familia…His brother fred omondi hired my car,caused an accident with it and never paid me both repair and hire fee..He paid partly while extending hiring days until he was not able to pay..They pretend to have sooo much money and they are broke ass holes

  2. Smart Smartie : March 6, 2019 at 3:40 am

    Hiyo ni madharau Eric.
    You value your job but devalue others’
    Malipo ni hapa hapa

  3. Monicah muendo : March 6, 2019 at 5:00 am

    He hired my car in 2017 which he never paid and gave it to a mechanic who called me to pick make it worse he shifted from the apartment I knew,he does not pick my calls.

  4. Late last year I heard some woman on radio in a certain program called ‘ lipa deni’ also trying to reach him due to unsettled payments following a catering job she did for him,he likes doing this. I think its because no serious action has ever been taken on him

  5. Harooo? ????

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