Eric Omondi In Bitter Rant After Prezzo Mocked Him For Being Indecisive (Screenshot)

Eric Omondi’s beefing spree with Kenyan artists continues; as he now locks horns with legendary musician Prezzo. The relationship between Eric Omondi and numerous Kenyan artists is on the edge following his sentiments on their performance.

Amid upcoming concerts this December, Eric has been busy trying to devour some concerts involving International artists such as Konshens. He claims that Kenyan artists should be given more exposure through concerts without necessarily involving International artists; adding that Kenyans artists curtain raising for them is obnoxious.

His sentiments ended up in a cul de sac since promoters have proved him otherwise by bringing more and more International artists to perform. However, his bill to play 75% local was handed over to Members of Parliament. The progress is yet to be put out in public.

Eric Omondi Vs Prezzo

Omondi has now locked horns with Prezzo; who has admonished him not to chew more than he can swallow. Posting Eric Omondi’s picture, he captioned,

”Good outfit but make up ur mind bro. Is it Jimmy Wanjigi, “house wife or clout??? @ericomondi ???? Don’t chew more than you can swallow.

Eric Omondi hit back at Prezzo and termed him as a clout chaser.

”Do NOT USE MY NAME For these CHEAP CLOUT????. First of all this OUTFIT is 473K Head to toe. SECONDLY RIGHT NOW All am FOCUSED ON is REVIVING YOUR DEAD INDUSTRY and the LEAST YOU Can do is be Thankful and PUT Some Respect on my NAME.”

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