Eric Omondi issues heartfelt apology after he was seen completely naked with children

Eric Omondi sparked uproar when a video of him completely naked with children surfaced online. The comedian was seen bathing with Turkana kids in a river.

Many people blame Eric Omondi but in Luo tradition there is nothing wrong with what he did. People of the same sex in Luo Nyanza bath together in rivers and lakes.

The only wrong thing Eric did was recording himself bathing with the kids and sharing the video online. The comedian has since eaten the humble pie.

“I have been a comedian all my life… Many are the times that I have errored… Today was one of those days. I have offended so many. I did not in any way intend to offend anyone…I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR THAT… ?‍♂️” wrote Eric Omondi.


Moral police Ezekiel Mutua has condemned Eric Omondi over his video.  He said the comedian’s act violated the rights of the children.

The KFCB boss called on the parents of the Turkana children to sue Eric for the gross abuse and indecent exposure of their kids.

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