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Eric Omondi Narrates Ordeal He Underwent While In Police Custody For The First Time (Video)

November 19, 2021 at 10:05
Eric Omondi Narrates Ordeal He Underwent While In Police Custody For The First Time (Video)

On Tuesday 16th November, comedian Eric Omondi had his first experience in the police cells at the Central Police Station in Nairobi. The jester found himself in police custody after an unsuccessful demonstration for play 75% Kenyan content within Parliament.

Eric was joined by a few upcoming artists and youth in the demo, who later fled the scene and Eric was a******d alone. He was forcefully thrown into a police van after little resistance.

Eric would later be driven to Central Police station; where he had his first experience in the cells.

”There was a moment of panic when I realized I was actually getting a******d… When the OCS came and said, a****t him”. Nikasema, weh, kwani wananishika? What you’re seeing around the police car is a moment of anger from the police, a moment of panic from myself. There were like 7 men. They were trying to push me into the car and I knew if I go into this car, it’s over for me.

”When I’m pushed and I’m falling down, it’s God… I can’t believe I have no scratch on my body.

For the very first time I went into the police cells. Nikaingia uko ndani nikapata wakenya, they were like 10, 12, people. They thought I was in there to record… I told them nimeshikwa, they were laughing… I was inside for 3 and  a half hours… The OCS and the OCPD were very nice to me. They said, kijana, next time usi fight na polisi…”

After the ordeal, Eric Omondi is not giving up on his plans just yet, his next demo is scheduled for Tuesday 23rd.

Watch the video of his a****t below;




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