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Eric Omondi reveals why he will not be settling down anytime soon!

July 09, 2019 at 08:10
Eric Omondi reveals why he will not be settling down anytime soon!

Eric Omondi is no longer in a rush to settle down now that he officially called off his engagement with ex girlfriend, Chantal.

The ex lovers announced this two months ago through their social media pages leaving many shocked. Most of their fans had been expecting their grand wedding to go down by the year; however turns out that everything between the two was not fine.

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Anyway during a recent interview, Eric Omondi opened up about his views on the issue about marriage. Having been left broken hearted; Eric now says that our generation is rushing into settling down without taking time to analyze and understand each other before the big plans!

Eric Omondi

“Marriage is very important, but I feel as a generation, we are rushing into things. I believe this because I have witnessed it around me. We get into a relationship, then quickly have weddings, when in reality, we need time to know each other and understand what we are getting into. Marriage needs to be considered at the right time, with the right person.”

Plans to settle down?

When asked what plans he has for marriage now that he is single, Eric Omondi was quick to respond saying;

We all have different personalities. I have an uncle who married at 22, and I know people who have walked down the aisle at 56. There is no formula really…

Well hopefully he will soon find the right woman to start a family with!

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