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Eric Omondi Splashes Ksh 1 Million To Mr. Seed On His Album Launch (Video)

September 13, 2021 at 12:20
Eric Omondi Splashes Ksh 1 Million To Mr. Seed On His Album Launch (Video)

Eric Omondi has once again shown ‘ujaluo ni gharama’ after splashing a whooping Ksh 1 Million to Mr. Seed on his latest album launch. Omondi, who was among the many celebrities in attendance of the album launched yesterday September 12, showed his generosity to Mr. Seed; who is set to take the gospel industry by storm.

The tumultuous launch of the album was filled with great excitement and moments of shock; (When Bahati almost fought Ringtone on stage). Nevertheless, the event held in Westlands was a success. Some of the celebrities in attendance for the album launch were; DK Kwenye Beat, Ringtone, Bahati, Nimo, Eric Omondi, among others.


Giving Is Receiving

Eric Omondi stood out by offering Ksh 1 Million to Mr. Seed to help him out in his album.

”Nataka kueka minimum wage for any artist anajulikana. Lazima walipwe 500,000. Mimi nataka kusema apa, na sio kiki… On Tuesday, kujeni na mkuje na hawa watu wa camera. Mimi natoa 500,000… 500k inatoka kwa mdosi wangu. Hapa sio politics. Nishaambia Mr. Seed na nimekuambia. We will give you guys 1 Million…”

Additionally, Eric went ahead to promise artists a huge change in the entertainment industry; stating that he will make sure there will be good returns if his endorsement for Wanjigi as President works. Campaigning for him has been his recent activity; which saw him get gifted a brand new Chrysler by the business mogul.




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