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Eric Omondi’s brother confirms wedding to fiance Chantal Grazioli is around the corner

February 05, 2019 at 09:59
Eric Omondi's brother confirms wedding to fiance Chantal Grazioli is around the corner

Eric Omondi has been together with his fiance Chantal Grazioli for almost four years now.

A lot of talks about his wedding have been flying around some that were quickly shot down by him.

His brother Fred Omondi recently revealed that despite the other fake news, it’s true that Eric will be settling down soon since he has already paid the dowry.

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Happening soon

The two have been living together since Eric proposed in 2016 in a glamours affair that trended online. His brother said that wedding will probably happen this year.

“Eric is getting married? I thought he would get married at 50 or 60! Am just joking, of course, he is getting married. Anapeleka mahari italy. Wanaishi pamoja. Huyo ni bibi wake. …najua iko (the wedding) iko around the corner. Tunaweza inusia. Hata tunafaa kuform whatsapp group mmchangie…(he smiled at this point). It is high time aoee. ” said his brother. 




  1. Maureen Ngendo : February 5, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Love is a beautiful thing, especially when it is with the right person. It’s finally time Eric Omondi puts a ring on his woman. They have waited long enough.
    Wishing them endless blessings.

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