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Eric Omondi’s girlfriend gives ladies a reason to talk after her wig almost slipped off

January 26, 2018 at 08:31
Eric Omondi's girlfriend gives ladies a reason to talk after her wig almost slipped off

Chantal Grazioli, Eric Omondi’s girlfriend is every guys (probably) dream lady. I mean she has the perfect figure, caramel skin tone and her silky hair that most women wish they had.

After arriving from Italy, we all couldn’t help but notice how grown her hair was. Well, she looked like a video vixen but little did we know that she is also a fan of fake hair just like most ladies.

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During her trip to coast with Eric, the lady forgot to adjust her wig leaving her cornrows peeping out. For a minute it seemed unreal since most thought that she an all natural beauty!

Beware of Muggers in town

With such expensive hair, it would be best for the lady to avoid town now that muggers are after wigs too.

Word has it that they are stolen and sold for cheaper  prices especially now that things are way thick in January.

Anyway as for Chantal, it’s good to know that she also has some struggles like most women.





  1. Hii CBD ni hot cake saa hii

  2. The struggle is real

  3. Esther Shivati : January 26, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    Hehehe bad hair can spoil a moment so bad

  4. Mungu anajua kubalance,huwezi pewa kila kitu

  5. She also has such hair,what a life

  6. ???????

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