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Eric Omondi’s quest for a wife takes interesting turn after Kenyan man makes application to be his wife (Video)

November 24, 2020 at 09:21
Eric Omondi’s quest for a wife takes interesting turn after Kenyan man makes application to be his wife (Video)

The situation has gotten bad enough to the extent that Eric Omondi has now gone public to appeal to Kenyans for help in finding a suitable wife because he has everything, apart from one, a wife.

His appeal had zero qualifications, regardless of age, race, all he needs is a woman who believes she is wife material enough to take care of the comedian as he continues to age gracefully.

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Having achieved the strides he has so far in the comedy industry not just in Africa but globally, the 43-year old comic has made it clear that he has the capacity to take care of a wife, sadly, he is yet to find one.

“I am Eric Omondi, God has blessed me with a successful career, 2 houses, cars and money, everything apart from the most important thing, woman. That is the missing link in my life,” he publicly appeals.

Eric Omondi wife appeal

In the online video that has since gone viral, Eric believes that 47 Million Kenyans with his interests at heart, would not disappoint him in the national quest for a woman who best suits his kind of profile.

Clarifying that this is no comedy, this is no joke, matter of fact, once Kenyans vote for an ideal woman, he promises to walk her down the isle.

“I believe in the older African traditional setting, young men like myself were helped by the community to get a perfect wife. Even Tanzania, even Uganda, just send a video, post it and tag me then Kenyans will pick a wife material for me.”

Megastar, Eric Omondi

Wife applications received

Kid you not, the announcement went up barely 17 hours ago and so far, numerous applications have been sent his way. From men to women; Malindi to Nyeri; young to older; born again to Muslim, its crazy.

But what caught the attention of fans is a man who openly and confidently appealed to be Eric Omondis wife and Kenyans could just not take it.

Eric Omondi

In a video, the man who identified himself as Benson Mwangi stated;

“Hello, I have been having a crush on Eric Omondi for a long time, he’s a nice guy. I want to tell him I can be a best wife for him,” the guy admits before closing off with a wide smile.

The comedian was left in disbelief as fans asked him to deal with what he asked for.




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