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Eric Omondi´s wedding to Chantal to become an economic affair between Kenya and Italy

May 22, 2019 at 11:15
Eric Omondi´s wedding to Chantal to become an economic affair between Kenya and Italy

Kenya´s beloved comedian, Eric Omondi pleads with Kenyans for financial aid to have him surprise his Italian fianceé, Chantal with a royal International wedding.

Up and close with Mpasho, the president of comedy reveals:

My wedding is not a personal affair.

It´s an international affair.

Kenya is marrying Italy and it´s [Italy] coming to Kenya with all the benefits we need.

He seems to affirm that the couple´s wedding will see Kenya reap benefits all round humorously suggesting:

Our wedding hasn´t happened yet because I´m waiting for you [Kenyans] to help me fund raise.

I need Ksh 80 Million; for the dowry payment, pre-wedding and main wedding.

Soon, I will share M-Pesa number so people can contribute something.

Eric Omondi is therefore in a bid to see the Kenyan community sponsor his wedding to Chantal which will be a big deal, come mid-June.

Before then he hopes to have the necessary dowry paid down in Italy, soon as he gets hands on the money.

However, that´s not all because his entourage to Italy is set to grace big wigs in the political field the likes of:

I will go for the ceremony accompanied by 15 people, among them Hon Babu Owino, Governor Sonko and Hon Jaguar.

I will have to hire a private jet.

Well, we hope that was just but a by the way, if not, Kenya might come to a stand still with it´s current economic and political crisis.





  1. Nonsense!If it costs all that to marry her then she isn’t worth marrying anyway.If you can’t afford it,usiitishe watu usaidizi,hao watu watamanga huyo dame pia?no,then hiyo si shida yao.International affair?Kwani yeye ni president wa Italy.

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