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Eric One Wash’s pregnant baby mama apologizes after claiming the celebrity stylist has been beating her up & inserting foreign items in her private areas!

October 30, 2017 at 12:48
One Wash

This past weekend has been heavy for celebrity styist Eric One Wash who was involved in a scandal caused by his baby mama (Sasha) who claims that she has been living in an abusive relationship for quite some time now and is tired of faking her happiness.

Eric One wash

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According to the lass, she has been involved with the celebrity stylist for quite some years now and the two even have a child together and one on the way. From her posts shared on her Instagram page the lady spills more details about her life with One Wash – however things seem to have taken a turn as she now claims that the posts she shared were out of anger and bitterness towards her man.

Eric One Wash scandal

Just like her previous posts, Sasha wrote another detailed post apologizing to the father of her children and his clients for having pulled a move that would probably cost him his job and connections with celebrities in the country.

Sasha who revealed to be pregnant with her second child with the celebrity stylist regrets having wrote the nasty posts about her man and is now hoping that the public forgets this as she did not mean to tarnish her anyone’s name. Anyway checkout her post below.

Eric One wash’s baby mama apologizes





  1. Its good she has apologized,social media is not a good place

  2. Victoria Kamau : October 30, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Baby mama issues though,bt i always see the guy taking care of the child,guess she wants the attention now?

  3. Plz solve your issues in private,doing such wont help u girl

  4. Eric is a good guy,this cant be true

  5. I doubt Eric can do this,atleast the lady has seen her mistake on time

  6. I saw this on Facebook, you mean its not true? pole sana Eric

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