Esther Passaris to Team Mafasi: My daughter is not a lottery ticket

May 16, 2018 at 09:33
Esther Passaris to Team Mafasi: My daughter is not a lottery ticket

Team Mafasi were forced to put everything they were doing yesterday and run to take a look at Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris’s 22-year-old daughter who is as cute as they come.

Many then rushed online to try their luck asking Passaris who they needed to kill in order to land a date with her daughter, Kenna, who had just celebrated her birthday.

It might be me

A guy called Bernard got the Woman Representative’s attention after asking: I need coordinates to your compound, who knows, luck may make me your son-in-law.

Passaris was quick to reply, telling him that she’s not a lottery ticket.

“Hard work. Good Values and Character. Never Luck. She isn’t a lottery ticket. A beautiful soul waiting for her soul mate. Mummy has nothing to do with it. This is where #DreamsNotValid. The Science and Statistics of life are harder and tougher in real life than in the classroom,”  she said. 

Here is Kenna:



  1. True Esther,The gumblers belong to their casinos….

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