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Esther Passaris undergoes surgery at Nairobi Hospital

January 14, 2019 at 07:59
Esther Passaris undergoes surgery at Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has undergone surgery at Nairobi Hospital to address a goiter growth. Passaris, who underwent the surgery on Wednesday, January 9, informed her followers on social media later on saying that she has been suffering for 10 years now before it started getting worse.

“It has been growing over the last 10 years. Now it has becomes more recognizable and I choke at night sometimes. I even find it hard to maintain my steady breath,” said the combative legislator. 

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The Women Rep said that family and friends wanted her to travel abroad for the treatment but she decided to give local hospital a chance. After researching and talking to a few doctors, she then became convinced there was no need to go abroad.

“I went to see my doctor and she said a goiter can be operated very easily in Kenya and it was not an operation that you have to go out. An other surgeon informed me he operates at least 50 goiter cases annually. If our salt had enough iodine, we would reduce the number of goiter cases. KEBS have to test all salt in the market and ensure the levels of iodine are the required ones needed to prevent goiter,” she said. 

Among those who visited and wished her well are Education CS Amina Mohamed and former presidential candidate Martha Karua.




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