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Ethic apologizes for rapey lyrics on their latest song, Tarimbo

November 06, 2019 at 10:53
Sesa song by Shay Diva featuring Ethic and Boondocks.

Popular group Ethic has come out to apologize shortly after several people called out their latest song Tarimbo for having what many have referred to as rapey content.

According to the complaints, Rekless overstepped when writing the lyrics to the chorus where he is heard talking about using force on a lady with or without her permission.

This however left many concerned since not everybody is in a position to interpret the lyrics in a positive way – to avoid hurting the girl child.

Ethics apology

In a statement shared on their Twitter page, the group made it clear that they had no intentions of hurting anyone.

They went on to add that they have enough respect for women since they are sons to their mothers and brothers to their sisters.

Ethics apology

They concluded by saying;






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