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Eve D’souza: Chris Kirubi was angry after I resigned but now we are cool

April 09, 2018 at 15:14
Eve D’souza: Chris Kirubi was angry after I resigned but now we are cool

Billionaire Chris Kirubi wasn’t happy with one of her best employee ditching her company according to a recent interview published.

Former Capital FM employee Eve D’souza shared that Chris Kirubi was bitter when she was ditching Capital and went freelance.

“That is water under the bridge. Kirubi was always so kind to me, but toward the end we didn’t agree on certain radio elements and I decided it was time to start Moonbeam Productions and focus on the next phase of my life. I resigned. And Gaetano (Kagwa) resigned immediately after. Kirubi didn’t take it very well. A year later, I reached out to him and we had a very sweet heart to heart and finally cleared the air,” she said in an interview with SDE. 

Got stronger after her rape incident

She also opened up of her rape incident saying it made her stronger but very cautious to love.

“I honestly can say it’s made me a stronger and more determined woman, but it showed me first-hand that nothing is put in your path that you’re not strong enough to handle. I’ll admit that to this day, I am very cautious about love. It takes a while for me to feel safe in the situation, but I think that’s better in the long run anyway.”





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