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“Even if I have a child it’s my personal business and none of your business!” Mr Seed demands respect

August 22, 2019 at 10:04
"Even if I have a child it's my personal business and none of your business!" Mr Seed demands respect

Gospel kid, Mr Seed has had his fair share of love entangles and asks masses to mind their own business when it comes to his private life.

Recently, the father of one got exposed for allegedly siring a child with a different woman in Mombasa. He however failed to address the same.

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Speaking up and close with Mpasho, Mr Seed aired:

Even if I have a child it’s my personal business. I choose who to put in the limelight and who not to. As a parent, I can decide what I want for my kids. If I decide to keep my kids out of the limelight it’s none of your business.

The gospel singer also got exposed for cheating on his wife, Nimo something none of them might have expected and that blew up on their faces.

His very own gospel family and Weezdom exposed his amorous affairs on national air and he sure did make the headlines for days.

However, it is not his place to judge nor strike his revenge because for him:

You can say anything about me but never touch my family.


Respect is important. It hurts to see people drag families in controversies. You can criticize me and my music but respect my family. I can’t fight your family. I’ll deal with you alone.




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