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Everyone is calling me a devil worshiper because I’ve switched from secular to gospel- singer Mutua  

July 16, 2019 at 09:34
Everyone is calling me a devil worshiper because I've switched from secular to gospel- singer Mutua  

Singer Ivlyn Mutua is currently struggling to clear her name following her recent announcement that she’s no longer a gospel artist.

Some fans believe she has now joined the devil and that’s why she’s switching to secular music. Mutua, however, said that she switched to secular music to increase her reach to people who don’t really talk about Jesus. 

“I am a contemporary artist who will be singing about everything and not just Jesus,” she said.

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“Some are calling me a devil worshipper, saying I have backslid. But I’m taking my time for people to understand that nothing can separate me from Jesus.”


Her first song titled ‘Sham Sham’ hopes to preach this. She even added that her parents are very supportive of her move.

“People did not expect that from me but I want them to grow with me. I never thought I would be a secular artist but the more you keep growing the moves, you get exposed and get more of what you have known from the church,” she said.

“Interacting with secular artists was hard and my perspective about some of them was totally different from what I got after interaction with them. It was a different environment for me.”

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