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Exposed! Eric Omondi in a fraud scam after conning Madini Classic Ksh 55,000 [Screenshots]

August 05, 2019 at 11:42
Exposed! Eric Omondi in a fraud scam after conning Madini Classic Ksh 55,000 [Screenshots]

It has now became push and pull between Eric Omondi and Madini Classic. The two just came from a cheating scandal and are now on a fraud scam.

Eric Omondi got entangled into this circle of 3 after getting spotted in bed with Madini Classic´s lover, Assumpta Waeni.

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Since then, Madini has accused the top African comedian of seducing Assumpta to have sexual affairs with him.

Assumpta on the other hand, had to publicly apologize to her lover, Madini Classic after the leaked online video insinuated that she was having an affair with Eric.

Furthermore, just last week, the blame shifted to Madini Classic with neighbors faulting him for mistreating the Kenyan model therefore would not blame Assumpta for cheating on him.

Money Fraud

However, this time round, fingers are pointing in Eric Omondi´s direction.

This is after reportedly deceiving Madini of Ksh 55,000 all in the name of promoting his music talent.

Madini Classic now comes out to expose the King of comedy for his fraudulent scheme.

The upcoming artist discloses how Eric cunningly made away with his money after promising to hook him up with Tanzanian star, Diamond for a collaboration.

Eric intended to do this because Diamond owes him cash therefore could easily reciprocate this with Madini´s offer.

On the same note, Eric also promised to feature in Madini´s song and promote it which was all cheap talk.

Madini is still bitter with the fraud but assures that he only made the expose to say that he has forgiven Eric publicly.

Check out the entire scam in the screenshots below.





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