Exposed! Zari Hassan´s real age disclosed after passport leak

July 04, 2019 at 13:13
Exposed! Zari Hassan´s real age disclosed after passport leak

Diamond´s baby mama, Zari Hassan gets exposed after a photo of her passport gets leaked online.

Mama Tiffah is a whooping 41 years of age having in the past claimed she´s in her 30´s.

Whether late or early 30´s doesn´t matter because none of them would be true anyway.

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With Simba´s current fianceé, Tanasha Donna having just revealed her real age, date, month and year of birth Zari´s reaction wasn´t as welcoming.

Unfortunately, the Ugandan socialite is way older than most celebrities across the East African region.

Closely competing with Kenya´s Eric Omondi on the 4th floor.

Actually, the two are just but a year apart, same month but different dates.

Well, it would make no sense to compare Zari´s age to Tanasha´s because they are close to 2 decades apart.

In a bid to pit the mother of 5 against the Kenyan model, Tanzanian bloggers leak a photo of her passport online.

However, we all need to admit that the South-African based businesswoman is too sexxy and younger for her actual age.

Whether it is because she is financially endowed or that she just knows how to take care of her aging skin, only her can tell.

But the truth remains!



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