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Ezekiel Mutua changes tactic on the arrest of Ethic Entertainment group

November 05, 2019 at 10:17
Ezekiel Mutua changes tactic on the arrest of Ethic Entertainment group

KFCB chairman, Ezekiel Mutua had earlier on called for the arrest of popular music group ¨Ethic¨ but has since then taken a different approach.

Mr Mutua has now announced that Ethic´s new anthem ¨Tarimbo¨ will only be accessible to those not subscribed to the ´restricted mode´ option on You Tube.

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The same applies to Timmy T Dat´s ¨Vitamin U¨. Restricted Mode/ Safe Mode is an optional setting on You Tube that acts as a filter for the kind of content you don´t wish to see.

Google has confirmed to us that the two videos Tarimbo by Ethic and Vitamin U by Timmy Tdat are not available on YouTube to users with restricted mode turned on. Google has facilitated restriction for kids as long as the restriction mechanism is activated. The Board shall be vigilant to ensure this kind unpalatable content is not accessed by children.


The KFCB Boss adds that his board will keep watch to ensure unappealing content does not reach the children.

Vocal KFCB Boss, Ezekiel Mutua addresses Ethic´s Tarimbo jam

Further urging parents to be responsible and support campaigns put in place to protect children from harmful exposure to explicit content.

We urge parents and responsible adults to support our campaigns to protect children from exposure to harmful content. And to monitor what kids are watching during the holidays.


His plea to the Kenyan artists being – to abide by the Law and ensure the content they produce inspires positive messages rather than promote obscenity.

Content doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. We can be creative without violating content classification guidelines as prescribed by KFCB and the Programming Code.

Media Ethics chief whip, Dr Ezekiel Mutua

As for him and his board, they are ready to support artistes who are out to create meaningful content. While being stringent on those breaking the Law.

The Board will support artistes willing to create meaningful content and will deal firmly with those who break the law. Unless decent people rise against the wave of immorality in Kenya, we are going to lose a generation in the name of creative freedom. No freedom is absolute. This time round we must draw the line!

¨Tarimbo¨ is still accessible on You Tube to users who have not activated the ´restricted mode´. However, Timmy T Dat pulled down his ¨Vitamin U¨ video from You Tube.





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