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Ezekiel Mutua roots for Kilimani Mums to be considered for cabinet nomination in Uhuru’s government

January 19, 2018 at 12:36
Ezekiel Mutua roots for Kilimani Mums to be considered for cabinet nomination in Uhuru's government

Moral police wants president Uhuru to give Kilimani Mums a cabinet post. The KFCB boss says the Facebook group represents Kenyans in the diversity.

How Ezekiel Mutua ended up liking Kilimani Mums is even puzzling. The Facebook group is known for discussing some of the most crude topics the moral police should find totally offensive.

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But surprisingly Mutua believes Kilimani Mums is the ‘people’s parliament. He reveals that he became a member by chance and doesn’t not regret it.

“I think Kilimani Mums deserve a Cabinet post. The conversations there can inform national policy. I got into the group by default. Guys started tagging me staff that they thought requires my attention as a regulator. “Has Mutua seen this?” Wait until the moral police gets wind of it. . .bla bla bla! So every so often I get a notification on fb and on checking I stray into some very strange but useful conversations. This is an online Bunge la Mwananchi par excellence,” wrote Alfred Mutua in part.

No political inclinations

Ezekiel Mutua

Mutua says Kilimani Mums provides stress relief and humor for Kenyans. He says that he is impressed by the Facebook group because it also has no political inclinations.

“How were kenyans surviving without these platforms? People ventilate on all manner of topics, but the most striking thing is that Kilimani Mums represents Kenyans in the diversity – the serious, the funny, the peculiar, the intelligent. . .name them! Apparently, Kenyans of all walks of life find space in Kilimani Mums. And unlike Kenyans on Twitter, another robust army of netizens with opinions on all subjects under the sun, Kilimani Mums has no political inclinations.

“I think the President should consider a Cabinet slot for this hilarious group of Kenyans who provide such stress relief and humour. But most importantly, we can work with the minister to provide guidelines for classification of Kilimani Mums content on a self-regulatory model!
And while it the stress reliever forum has been rated “Strictly for Persons Over 18″!!” Wrote Ezekiel Mutua.






  1. Its not a bad idea

  2. Hehehe how will they choose who will represent them?

  3. Kenyans play too much

  4. Rebecca Mueni : January 19, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Its not a bad idea

  5. This is crazy but would love to see how it turns out

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