¨Let the church be,¨ Ezekiel Mutua responds to Linus Kaikai´s argument on church regulation

March 21, 2019 at 16:13
¨Let the church be,¨ Ezekiel Mutua responds to Linus Kaikai´s argument on church regulation

The Commentary by Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai that pastors should have a degree in theology is also misplaced.

Preaching is principally a calling, but one can deepen it by studying theology.

Not the other way round.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua, MBS on facebook

This is after the Citizen TV journalist cited that Kenyan preachers are misleading their Christians.

Linus Kaikai referred to the men of God as spiritual fraudsters and con men, in one of his TV appearances.

Linus stated that they ought to be regulated and must acquire degrees.

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However, KFCB chief executive, Dr Ezekiel Mutua did not concur with Linus´ thoughts.

According to Exekiel Mutua, right to worship was in accordance to the Kenyan Constitution 2010, and therefore let the church be.




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    • Going or not going to school does not determine one’s access to heaven but how deep you are connected to the one and true God. Let preachers do what God has called them to not what theology has taught them.

      • STEPHEN GICHOBI KATHAKA : March 22, 2019 at 10:39 pm

        The aim of the recent insults by Janalists against the Church of Jesus Christ ,is to make the Church look bad. The aim is to make Kenyans who love God doubt 2Chronicals 20:20, believe in the Lord your God and you will be established, believe in His prophets and you will PROSPER!! The Reverse is true also . God will not allow you to prosper if you keep on attacking men of God .You can study History and see the destiny of all those who opposed men of God. Which school had Apostle Peter graduated from??? Were the first Apostles from any seminary you know??? If there are one or two or even 10 rogue preachers , that number is not enough swample size to make generalization of all evangelical preachers in Kenya. It is a sad moment for Kenyan church. Insults , insinuations against the Church is not the way to go. God bless the Church of Christ in Kenya, God bless Kenya. Rev.Steve Kathaka

  2. Violet Ndayara : March 21, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Great l concur with Dr Ezekiel Mutua’s views and in addition leave the men or women of God alone, whether educated or not. No man or woman has a right to judge, God is the final judge.

  3. I really pity Linus kaikai and his generation, if you ever joke, never joke around with ANYONE who calls or ever called on the name of the Lord God.

  4. Preaching is a [email protected] mutua..my foot.So they are called to be blood suckers of the poor brethrens unsuspectingly hiding in jesus name and a man of ur calibre soundingly support it instead of condemning it u being a public figure entitled to monitor ethics?U are a pity ..

  5. Ezekiel Mutua keep up, your Pastor is watching, but I tell this,
    The Government needs to act now. After all, if the church is about us going to heaven, then one Church (denomination) with branches allover the country in not the world is just enough.

    If it is about the morals, where are the morals in this country????
    Public funds, witch craft, and many more are not practiced by people from another universe, no, they are committed by the same society that claims to be religious.

    New crop of churches are just based on income.

  6. All points driven home.
    Basically depends from which angle you´re looking at it.

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