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Fans disappointed after Lupita Nyong’o failed to grace the Premiere Movie of “Black Panther” in Kisumu

February 13, 2018 at 17:39
Fans disappointed after Lupita Nyong'o failed to grace the Premiere Movie of “Black Panther” in Kisumu

Lupita Nyong’o left her Kisumu fans assuming that she would grace the premier of Black Panther in. kisumu but this did not happen.

This is after she posted on her Facebook page saying that ‘Black Panther’ would premiere in Kisumu on February 13. Though she did not mention that she would be present, her fans expected a surprise appearance from the Hollywood star.

“Lupita did not say that she was coming for the premiere. I think we would have all wanted her to come, but her diary is not controlled by the Kisumu County Government; it is her schedule with her producers. However, she has sent all her love and her best wishes. The most important thing is that she has gifted us the movie and Kenya gets to host it. Kenya being the first African nation to have this event, is a great privilege,”

Tourists flock Kisumu ahead of the screening

Having the movie premiered in Kisumu however saw a lot of tourists grace the county; thus boosting the tourism sector. She concluded by adding;

 “In terms of her not being here, that is not all lost. In terms of numbers coming to Kisumu, it has been an amazing flood of people coming in, including the international media. All the international communities around the lake region have also come into the region; the hotels are reporting great bookings, the airlines are full.”





  1. waiting for the real thing

  2. she should have come

  3. aki na venye nilikua nimemtegea

  4. was disappointed too but ni sawa

  5. Neema Bi Chibu : February 14, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    PROmoting tourism in her dads county, giving a hand back. bt next tyme pple wont be duped

  6. Why am i not surprised…they always forget home…

  7. It was absolutely amazing. Thanks Lupita. Don’t worry about these haters who don’t understand that it’s not always possible to fly to Kenya. The fact that you showed the movie before it opened in Kisumu is the bomb. Ilikua poa sana last night. Asante

  8. Its dissapointing that Lupita can miss to come home with all this expectations we disappointing indeed

  9. such a disapointment that Lupita did not come as most of us expected

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