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Fans impressed by Kate actress´ postnatal body snapback, she responds

January 13, 2020 at 10:03
Fans impressed by Kate actress´ postnatal body snapback, she responds

It is not news that baby fat is one thing mothers battle with soon after delivery and on for months or even years.

However, recent celebrity mom in town, Kate actress has bounced back in good shape, barely weeks after her discreet delivery of baby K.

The beauty hid the news from the public before resurfacing roughly 3 weeks later, with baby K held close to her bosom and Kate looks like a snaaarck!

Donning a sparkling, grey, figure-hugging dress, the beauty´s figure speaks volumes in terms of zero baby fat.

Kate actress steps out serving body goals, barely weeks after delivery

Fans stormed her comment section posing:

Baaaabe your body is so snatched 🔥🔥🔥

In another of her posts, clad in blue jeans and a white, loose chiffon top, Kate is slaying goals for any postnatal mother.

Kate actress resurfaces looking like hot sauce

This raised eyebrows, with many envying her effortless rebound.

Next post, she dons a navy blue jeans, and a sky blue, loose chiffon top and fans are head-over-heals over her figure.

You really look great mama eeeeish ❤️

Kate actress slays side-by-side with her two children

Another fan opened up:

Why do you want to make us look lazy, at 2 weeks you already slaying and looking good while me at 2 weeks lm drinking porridge 2 jugs wearing my sentence t-shirt without bra..lm breastfeeding. I must change oooh😍😂,

The established actress urged:

@evelynodhiambo4 no sweetheart take your time, I also have my rugged milk dripping shaggy moments, motherhood humbles all of us. The snapback happened even with my firstborn, maybe ni genes. 😂

Because for her, looks like her genes are working miracles.

Fortunate enough, she disclosed the trick to her immediate loss of baby fat.

One Instagram user identified as doctor_fitness_kenya commented:

Kudos @kate_actress

Kate then replied:

@doctor_fitness_kenya hey doc I kept off the excess carbs. Eating Just enough lots of veg and fruits too . Balanced diet like you said 😘 I hope to maintain.

Her secret is out. Lots of vegetables and fruits does the trick.




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