This is why fans are now comparing Size 8 to Vera Sidika

January 12, 2018 at 11:55
This is why fans are now comparing Size 8 to Vera Sidika

Size 8 and Vera Sidika are two different people but fans seem to have found a similarity between the two. Apart from being famous seems that two ladies share a passion in too much make up.

This was revealed shortly after Size 8 shared new photos looking different thanks to the layers of make up on her face.

Judging from the photos it’s clear to see that the make up had changed the singer’s looks making her look unreal.

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Fans react to Size 8’s photos

After sharing the photos, a few of her fans went on to express their disappointment in the new look urging her to maintain her natural beauty.

Others went on to say that she was no different to Sidika who had to change her looks to feel accepted by the society.

Read the comments left by fans on the post below and be the judge.


  1. They look alike,make up is too much now

  2. Vera Sidika pap!

  3. Kenyans will always find something to say about a situation

  4. She looks beautiful though asizoee make-up?

  5. Hehehe Size 8 Sidika should be her new name

  6. Why are other women judging, if you want to walk around looking like a potato that’s your business. To each thy own

  7. Apo sawa..haters f*** yourselfs.

  8. You look good gal

  9. Leave size 8 alone. What has she done wrong. Is it bad for a woman to makeup herself. Where is written in Holy bible that make-up is sin. Pls ushaba na wivu mtawacha, Size 8, you are a married woman, kip it on toes, always maintain yourself n praise our Lord loudly. Let me judge you as if they are holy than thou. Nshindwe esp those women who are comenting so badly

  10. Maureen Amunga : January 13, 2018 at 1:24 am

    You luk gud Mama wambo wenye wivu wajinyonge hapo sawa

  11. Looking great girl. Keep it there.

  12. Mercy Nderitu : January 13, 2018 at 6:17 am

    She is sufficiently provided for,wewe kama you can’t afford ,Try harder to maintain yaself.Big up size 8

  13. Vera Omollo Cruz : January 13, 2018 at 11:03 am

    I beg leave size 8 alone. Why judge, her hubby is not complaining after all. Go girl, Your face your business. Haters watch that space.

  14. Haki wakenya si muko na wivu jameni… Size 8 is looking fabulous MashaAllah ???. Nothing wrong in applying make up if one wishes to… It’s her prerogative. Stop hating.. U dont like it.. Flip thru silently.. Mxiu

  15. To be sincere yu luk awkward …live the way God created you…

  16. […] Also read: This is why fans are now comparing Size 8 to Vera Sidika […]

  17. […] Also read: This is why fans are now comparing Size 8 to Vera Sidika […]

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