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Fans react to Eric Omondi’s romantic billboard welcoming his girlfriend back home

January 16, 2018 at 12:53
Fans react to Eric Omondi's romantic billboard welcoming his girlfriend back home

Eric Omondi has set the bar abit too high for the boy child. While other men cannot treat their women right, the comedian is already playing on a different level judging from his latest move.

To welcome his girlfriend back home, the comedian partnered with Startimes coming up with a huge billboard at the airport with Chantal’s photo. This stunt left many impressed by his affection towards the lady while others questioned whether men like him still exist.

Fans react to the billboard

This was also a good opportunity for fans to leave creative comments under the Instagram photo. While others preached the ‘Nyakundi said No’ slogan others claimed that this was a sign of weakness for a man to go on such level.

Comedian Eddie Butita also joined in with his funny post that has left many in tears. From his photo seems that Butita was comparing his love for KDF to  that of Eric Omondi and Chantal.

Read the comments left by fans below.





  1. Deep love,its not easy for aman to do such things

  2. This is a sponsored thing,whats the buzz all about

  3. Esther Shivati : January 16, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    They should get married now

  4. This is so lovely

  5. Type of men we ladies want

  6. This is too much

  7. speaking the truth,Eric killed it.that’s cute.Let critics hate

  8. Thats just a creative startimes advert

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