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” FIDA is a [email protected]#ker! Where were they when my mum was being battered” says Huddah

May 12, 2017 at 15:19

Huddah is not happy with FIDA and according to her, they are just a name with no action. As far as we know FIDA Kenya fights for women who are physically abused and those with dead beat dads who never help their children.

But socialite Huddah ha come out to call them out for not helping women in the society. The socialite went on to ask them where they were when her mum and friends were being accused by their partners.

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Huddah's post

Huddah’s post

According to her, they often tell these ladies to go home and back the next day when they know that they will not help them. This comes after a South African socialite by the name of Karabo Mokoena was recently killed and burned by her boyfriend who had been abusing her for a while and since no action was taken against him, he ended up taking the lady’s life.



Huddah compared this situation to what has been happening in the country as most ladies hide in their abusive relationships as no one is out here to help them.

We cannot confirm whether what she said is true but at this time and age it is important for everyone (not only the ladies) to understand the importance of walking out of abusive relationships. As hard as it sounds, the only way to walk out alive is understanding that it never gets better after the first physical fight.




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