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Fik Fameica new jam ‘Tell Me’ is very lit

October 22, 2019 at 08:51
Fik Fameica new jam 'Tell Me' is very lit

Fik Fameica is back with a new hit jam dubbed Tell Me. The Ugandan singer has just come back with all the energy that the industry needs.

Fik Fameica is for sure a super talented artiste and his work is that of international standards. He really knows what he is giving to his audience.

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Tell Me is a love song and just like other East African artistes. Fik Fameica has taken the theme for to sell himself.

Fik Fameica new jam 'Tell Me' is very lit

What message is Fik Fameica passing in Tell Me?

To add on, his work is unique as he has not neglected his mother tongue as he has also delivered the song in Luganda.

Also, his fluency in his language and little mixture in English has given the song a very unique and natural feel.

Although am not in a position to understand Luganda, all I know that this jam is full of love. The way he has invested his emotions in Tell Me is something that tells it all.

Fik Fameica new jam 'Tell Me' is very lit

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Further into the song, we are going to look at how he has delivered this jam. He has treated it with utmost respect and his love for it is evident.

Actually, by now am sure you have noticed how Ugandan artistes do their songs starting from Eddy Kenzo and now Fik Fameica.

In this case we are also going to focus on his lyrical presentation. Fik Fameica for sure has that lyrical prowess as he has delivered his lyrics with a lot of mastery.

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Also, the beats in this jam are on another level as one can feel them through out. One is for sure going to dance to the tune. In addition, the audio is of great quality and it is one that has kept the pace going.

Love in Luganda is for sure here and all you need to do is to click on the link and get the feel of this great jam.

In conclusion, Fik Fameica gets a rating of 6/10 in Tell Me.

Audio below.





  1. da hit z bad 4sure and big up 2 our fresh gang CEO

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