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Finer details of how Joho bought out tickets to NRGWave jump off party which saw Alikiba, Sauti Sol share stage

January 03, 2019 at 18:29
Finer details of how Joho bought out tickets to NRGWave jump off party which saw Alikiba, Sauti Sol share stage

The #NRGWave ultimate jump off party went down at the Mombasa Sports Club with performances from Sauti Sol, Alikiba among a host of super DJs including DJ Wesley, DJ XClusive, DJ Kace and DJ niche.

The NRGWave jump off party on December 31st was the last in the series of coast parties dubbed the #NRGShowdown that took place from 26th December with the Sold Out Wasafi Festival which took place at the same venue bringing the coastal town to a halt on Boxing Day.

The jump-off party was a pre-cursor to the launch of the radio station that went live in April and has since launched in four other cities including Mombasa 96.3 FM, Eldoret 98.4 FM, Nakuru 93.5FM and Kisumu 94.8FM.

Free tickets

Tickets for the #NRGWave ultimate jump off party were initially being sold to the public for; regular Kes 1000 and VIP Kes 3000.

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho however bought out all tickets to allow city residents to attend the jump off party at Mombasa Sports Club for free.

NRGWave shared a video of Joho calling on Mombasa residents to attend the jump off party as he announced that he had bought all tickets to the concert.









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