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Fix Yourself Before You Get A Man- Wahu’s Relationship Advice

April 07, 2021 at 09:40
Fix Yourself Before You Get A Man- Wahu's Relationship Advice

Wahu and Nameless are undoubtedly one of the most sought after celebrity couples in the country. They have thrived in their long-term marriage and have 2 daughters together. The two sweethearts have also been in the music industry for over 15 years but hardly did a collabo together. However, they recently embarked on working together and released their first ever collabo dubbed ‘Te-amo’.

Their long awaited song has since fetched over 400K views on YouTube since it was released about a week ago.

Complete Yourself First

Wahu has become stubborn lately – Nameless admits – Kenyan News

Anyway, Wahu explains how their perennial bond has been strong based on a few things; the most important one is focusing on the positive side of your partner. She says that most ladies look for a man to complete them; instead of fixing themselves first.

”And I said in my post, don’t look for someone who completes you. You should actually strive to be complete on your own. And look for someone who loves you completely and you love them completely. And you keep striving to work around your differences and stuff like that…”

Wahu also added that having too much expectation from your partner might lead to disappointment.

”When you’re looking for someone to complete the circle, you’ll always have a gap. And when that person is not able to fulfill it, then what happens?… Atakuangusha whether anataka ama hataki because they are human… It’s almost a recipe of failure…”




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