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Flaqo of the famed comedy skits “Mama Otis” drops new jam “Regrets” a rollercoster of emotions in love

February 24, 2020 at 15:08

Flaqo,  famously known for his comedy skits cum musician has dropped another new jam under the 411 society dubbed “Regrets”.

As the month of love comes to a close end some people are clearly heartbroken. Yes,  all the noise about being in love and what not happened.

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Lucky enough East African artistes have been on spree releasing love music here and there. Thus if you are lucky in love good for you and maybe this song is for you.

For hopeless lovers, you also are not left out in this as we watch what happens in love. I mean having the chance to love wholeheartedly only to be betrayed later on. Hurts right?

Oh well, that’s just what life offers. In the meantime, Flaqo gives us an overview of what happens when we take love for granted. Regrets!!


This is an amazing RnB song that brings out all the emotional burgage in love. Flaqo starts of the song saying “Even if I lost you and I will never find you, you’re always in my mind…” Yes, ladies, he said that.

Ideally,Flaqo is telling a story of how his girl died and now he is full of regrets. He wishes he had done it all differently but here we are.

The fact that the “Mama Otis” maker can sing like that is unbelievable.


As the narrative around their love goes on in the video we see a happy couple whose light got shattered in an instant.

The girlfriend found him flirting on phone at this moment she gets angry picks up a knife in fury. The next thing we see Flaqo crying over her picture between candles. She died.

Basically the guy is full of regrets in between his feelings he wishes he did things differently. I mean how much do we value our loved ones?

Mama Otis

You never know when you will lose them. Clearly this guy can sing and we hope for more, but the most important lesson is not being afraid to value love.

This jam was produced by  411 society Jimmy Cornrows and video directed by  Jimmy Cornrows and Boran Imaging.

We want more music guys because everybody wants to love and be loved.

Watch the video and give us your thoughts?





  1. Flaqo of the famed comedy skits "Mama Otis" drops new jam "Regrets" a rollercoster of emotions in love - Kenyan Digest : February 24, 2020 at 8:12 pm

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