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Flashback Friday! Amazing photos from Teacher Wanjiku’s wedding 

July 03, 2020 at 18:25
Flashback Friday! Amazing photos from Teacher Wanjiku's wedding 

Teacher Wanjiku and Victor Ber have been making headlines for days now; after Zeddy exposed the ugly side of Churchill show leaving many shocked by the new revelations.

Apparently the couple has been working against Churchill as they aim to destroy his show in order to launch their own comedy show. This was revealed in a lengthy text where Zeddy also happened to expose more dirt on the couple.

Through her instagram page the lass shared yet another post where she wrote;

Ber with wife, Teacher Wanjiku

Ber ndo amekua akipiga Churchill vita anamobilise watu waseme wasanii hawalipwi ndio Churchill show ianguke aanze yake na wife,amejaribu mingi zifell,maybe a reason why Kuna qcc,wengi wenye wasaani ambao wananitusi wako qcc,wanaprotect interest yao, unfortunately God ndio huamua downfall ya mtu sii binadamu.

Throwback photos

Away from that, we do understand that the two got on 5th December 2014 at a colorful wedding was held at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Nairobi. The reception was later held at the Bowling Grill along Forest road, in Parklands. And being a celebrity wedding, the two made sure to invite just friends and family who joined them as they exchanged their vows.

Since then Ber and his wife have been working together; and rumor has it that they might just be the next couple running the comedy industry.

Anyway below are a few details and photos from their lit wedding that left many celebrities talking in the industry!

Wanjiku weds Ber

Ber weds Wanjiku

Teacher Wanjiku on her wedding day

Teacher Wanjiku’s wedding day

Victor Ber weds the love of his life





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