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Fool! Woman who called Radio Jambo and confessed killing husband’s side chick arrested 

November 09, 2018 at 08:59
Fool! Woman who called Radio Jambo and confessed killing husband's side chick arrested 

Police have managed to track down and arrest a city woman who confessed live on air of how she killed her husband’s mpango was kando.

The woman called Gidi and Ghost of radio Jambo and went on to confess of how she managed to kill the lady in a hotel room after learning she was in a secret affair with her husband.

“10 yrs in my Radio Career, this is the most chilling call that I have ever recieved ?…#CrimeOfPassion #GidiNaGhostAsubuhi,” said Gidi. 

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Police have managed to track down the lady who goes by the name Linda Namukuchu Urandu who was arrested in Kasarani estate in Nairobi on Thursday, November 8.

She confessed of the crime on October 6. The crime was committed six years ago.


Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti spoke of her arrest on Citizen TV saying they have been searching for her since then.

Urandu confessed on radio that she paid a male friend and a bunch of workers at a lodging to facilitate her plan.

“One day I told my male friend to take the lady to a lodging I had already paid for. The woman was very drunk so I told the man to leave the room and allow me to go in. I paid the receptionist a handsome amount to keep her mouth shut and disable the CCTV cameras,” she said. 

Listen to the recording below of her confessing.

10 yrs in my Radio Career, this is the most chilling call that I have ever recieved ?…#CrimeOfPassion #GidiNaGhostAsubuhi

Posted by Gidi Ogidi on Friday, September 28, 2018





  1. She is not a fool. It was time for her to unburden herself of the pain that she has been carrying all those years.

  2. She’s not afool time has reached for every knee it will beaten.yaani malipo ni hapa duniani Luv your neighbor as u luv your self

  3. Wololo. Why kill the woman. Why not deal with your husband. Nkt! How many women can you kill in the name of love.Anyway that’s a dangerous woman in the society and should not be ever allowed to see the light of the day. Very sad.

    • If you find ure husband cheating deal with him…just like you have been cheated the other lady is cheated as well.she might not know the man is married but the man knows has got a wife.Can you be wise when dealing with some issues.taking one’s life is not a solution to the problem.

  4. She has been haunted by that soul

  5. Never joke with God!,whatever happens in darkness shall be revealed on daylight.
    Usicheze na SERIKALI,No matter how long it takes,you will land in the hands of men in UNIFORM

  6. How precious it is for those who accept and confess their plights,than those who pretend to be holy but are not.God forgive those who repent.

  7. Mukangala wangwe : November 16, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    she is out already coz she didn’t kill anyone it was just a prank

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