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Former beauty queen drops one of the most patriotic songs to be ever compiled

May 17, 2019 at 15:43
Former beauty queen drops one of the most patriotic songs to be ever compiled

Designa Wen who is a young proud Kenyan business lady, designer, events MC and the a former beauty queer has dropped one of the most patriotic song we have heard in Kenya.

The new song dubbed Kenya defines who we really are; our unwavering love for Kenya as she goes on to talk about our different cultures, 47 counties and goes on to use the visuals in her video to portray Kenya’s breathtaking beauty.

Unlike the other patriotic songs we have heard before, Designa’s ‘Kenya’ is upbeat but at the same time soothing, uplifting, inspirational and mostly one that will become an anthem to both the young and the old. 

About Designa Wen

Having had an experience as a business lady, Designa has managed to mingle with different people from various backgrounds.

With this, her song has enough and  major unifying factors that will leave many Kenyans showing patriotism and love to their motherland.

Apart from that Designa Wen is a well known Designer and Stylist who sells and designs clothes as well. 

She also happens to be a very good events Mc who is doing quite well in this male dominated profession! 

Below is the amazing song giving many artists a run for their money in the Kenyan entertainment industry.





  1. Ethan njamumo : May 18, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Nice song,
    Congratulations and keep it up you are going far sister nyambura God bless and be with you always

  2. Nice message
    Congratulations Designa wen. We need more patriotic Kenyans

  3. Nice song.Keep it up Designa Wen

  4. Congratulations…..! ❤amazing song..

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