Former Kameme FM radio presenter expresses suicidal thoughts after he was fired!

February 20, 2018 at 16:13
Former Kameme FM radio presenter expresses suicidal thoughts after he was fired!

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Kameme FM former presenter popularly known as Moses Mwana wa Kanyira was recently sent packing by the station living him jobless.

This is after he apparently aired his opinions about the Murang’a water problem rubbing a few politicians the wrong way. For this reason he went on to share a post on his Facebook page that has left many assuming he is now suicidal.

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He wrote saying;


“Am passing the most trying period in my life.if it is not God,this can amount to commit suicide.”

Moses Kanyira’s sick mum

This comes a few days after the presenter had announced a fundraiser to help his sick mum. With all the bills to pay and his mum in hospital it’s quite hard for Kanyira to digest all this.

Fans have however expressed their surprise while most describe him as a dedicated man to his job.



  1. Hussein Ibrahim Adan : February 20, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    Ups and downs are there In life.Let him Percieviour and except his Situation,and things will Normalize,thus making life more enjoyable.Remember denial is the waste Situation

  2. Hussein Ibrahim Adan : February 20, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    Many have passed waste Situation,than the Oneof of Kanyaru,they accepted,and eventually succeed.accepting is the best remedy

  3. Albert Miring'u : February 20, 2018 at 5:31 pm

    Don’t despair Mr Moses, I also went through the same situation at the beginning of this year, I was fired at Quick Mart supermarket for greeting the owner with my hand. .May be God has good plans for you, and He may give you a better paying job than that one. Keep praying. Your mom will be healed in Jesus Name!

  4. No worries Kanyira,GOD has got good plans for never know,

  5. What r u waiting my friend do it not

  6. Dnt Loose Hope In Life God Has Gud Plans 4 You Trust In God

  7. Do it quick , l will follow r.i.p

  8. God is in control, trust him

  9. God is on your side…no load is too heavy to carry…exodus 14;15-18

  10. Am shifting to another station right away since I loved his funny jokes after the news segment.This is too baaaad!!!!!!!”

  11. Will miss ur news reading talent…..another door will open faster than I about joining gukena fm?

  12. All is not lost, Moses…

  13. courage brother.All will be well if you trust in Him the most High.

  14. Oh my God. I listned to that part of news. What’s wrong with our politicians? If someone brings on an issue which is meant to improve the living standard of such pple who elected them is tantamount to sacking? Get serious Kameme management. I have never listened to another station since it’s inception but now I have a second thot. Read Luke 6:37. Kanyira God is with you n there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  15. You won’t go for two months without a job in Jesus Name

  16. Don’t worry Bro Mosescoz God is still on His throne and has better plans for you and your family. Your life is in His hands not on Kameme’s. Wait upon Him and be blessed bro.

  17. We believe in justice but we call upon the directors of kameme and media max limited to please reemploy this man because he brings great shows in that station,In my opinion “sacking moses will make some listeners of kameme to turn their back on the station” We like his show especially “NDITIMURANO”

  18. This is a wake up call for everyone!,, Moses just spoke NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH AND HE GOT FIRED.
    Kameme Radio are you telling us No one is allowed to speak the truth to help a common poor Murang’a people??
    I use to listen to Kameme and hav advocated for people to listen because of Moses Kuria. Am no longer going to listen to a DICTATOR RADIO STATION ANYMORE. Moses I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST ????

  19. kanyira you are my best presenter, it might be the beginning of your prosperity because no one knows tomorrow. pray hard

  20. Moses take heart and be strong your good works speaks for itself wait and see what is in store for you coz we serve a caring faithful God who will never leave nor forsake us ,you are my best vernacular presenter,may our heavenly father remember u and ur family,wish u all the best.

  21. psalm 30:5
    Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Waiting on God praying with you

  22. Kanyira means alote to our ruriri(gikuyu),this man stood with ruriri every time.GOD be with u always Moses

  23. Muranga ni kwetu : February 21, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    This is the hypocrysy with us kikuyus, mozez moses was asking very simple question to the national and the county givernments, why give nairobians our waters yet there isnt no tap water in muranga. Raila had seen it but since hes luo…..

  24. Deto mukoiko mukoiko na mozzzez..mozzzez..kanyirra..will miss that part hahaa…kaa kimwanaume moses…amka tafuta job…na uanze Nazi ya kuhustle kwanza …tings will be back to normal…don listen to pple .

  25. Wa Kelvin Benson : February 22, 2018 at 2:06 am

    May God see you thru bro. Everything happens with a purpose. Don’t be weary coz God has a good job in store for you.

  26. I remember how Moses fought the the ILLICIT ALCOHOL with passion. !!? God will surely bring place you somewhere good. NEVER NEVER GIVE UP

  27. Mosess Moses’s kanyira the way we loved ua presentationbelive God will open new doors to your life apply to gukena tuhamie uko permernent

  28. Join Gukena FM na ulete”Nditimurano program”mwaria ma ndendagwo.

  29. Mediamax their will suffer after loosing a Here like kanyira, but sometimes having a big body with small mind you will suffer because your body wil control your mind#@mediamax tribulism stations those idiots who fired kanyira
    you will die for hrt attack. But now kikuyu we are nó langer Mediamax funs we are bored take that stations to Congo

  30. i dont know y u mediamax u fired kanyira coz he talked de truth i use to listned to u but now i will shift to gukena u will rigret y u fired him y dint u fired hin when he was helping us wakati pombe ilikuwa inauwa or juu sasa anafichua ukweli is not good..if ni ukabila sasa wacha tukue na ukabila…moses will not go far without a job…

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  32. Mburu gacheru : March 29, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Moses yu touched a live wire in a country where truth is never spoken. There is always tomorrow

  33. wuuui…sasa hakuna MTU wa kuwaita jacara CIA maitho matune..buh above all God has great plan’s for u everything happens for a reason and a purpose

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