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Former News anchor Doreen Gatwiri accuses her Mwingi central MP husband of physically abusing her

February 27, 2018 at 08:55
Former News anchor Doreen Gatwiri accuses her Mwingi central MP husband of physically abusing her

Former Ebru TV news anchor Doreen Gatwiri has come out to accuse her husband Gideon Mulugyi; who is the Mwingi central MP of physically assaulting her.

The lady caught many people attention after sharing the news through her twitter handle. Gatwiri went on to publicly announce that she had sustained a head injury after he locked her up in their bedroom to beat her up.

This comes as a surprise to many who were not aware that Doreen Gatwiri had finally decided to settle down with the politician.

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Anyway, just a few hours ago she went on to reveal that she was in hiding now that her life was in danger. Doreen says the guy had threatened her and for this reason she also managed to report the matter at Hardy Police station.

Reveals it’s not the first time

This is however not the first time she is being beaten by the guy. Apparently it has happened before but she chose to keep quiet in order to protect her home.

But it now seems that she cannot keep protecting her husband while he physically hurts her.





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  2. This is what happens when you force love ,,am sure there is a potential young man there who can treat you well

  3. If someone beats you once,you will be beaten again,just walk out and make it public when it happens the first time for your own safety and also for future partners who may become involved with the person.Hii kunyamazia,utashtukia umekufa wapendwa wanakulilia wakiuliza mbona haukuwaambia about your situation.I hope you never provoked him.I don’t think umezaa na yeye so hakuna kitu ya kuwalink together.Anyway go back to the media job since I suspect huyo bwanako ndio aliorganise hiyo job ya gava.

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