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Former slay queen who now looks like a shamba girl blames Cyprian Nyakundi for her woes

January 17, 2018 at 09:16
Former slay queen who now looks like a shamba girl blames Cyprian Nyakundi for her woes

Boy child defender Cyprian Nyakundi is celebrating as a lady cries foul. Jacky Raizo Blandina is a victim of Nyakundi’s boycott.

Nyakundi is opposed to all forms of exploitation of the boy child. The blogger calls on all male to stop funding women they are dating.

Jacky Raizo Blandina is living a hard life as a result of Nyakundi’s boycott. The lady called out the boy child activist for ruining her life.

Jacky Raizo Blandina in her glory days

“Cyprian is nyakundi God will surely punish u..look what you have done to me through the boychild…” Jacky Raizo Blandina wrote on Facebook.

No money for salon

Jacky Raizo was forced to shave her hair because her man refused to give her money for salon. She says that she asked her boyfriend for Kes 3000 for salon and instead she was given 30 bob to shave her hair.

Nyakundi couldn’t hide his joy upon learning that he ruined Jacky’s life. The boy child defender is pleased because his policy is working.

“Di Galdem anawika ati dough ya Salon imekatika. Sasa imebidi anyoe nywele. Pole mami. Tafuta boys mmoja akuwe wako. Mambo ya ku-omba omba Pesa kwa wanaume wengi imeisha. Ama kama unataka Pesa ya salon, kuwa tayari kupeana matako. Hakuna cha bwerere tena. Mumetubeba ovyo for long. Tushamjua na tushamsoma,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.






  1. She looks totally washed out..hehehe

  2. The boycott is real

  3. Boy child is getting wiser, no more to dish out

  4. Amechapa kuchapa,this is very interesting turn of events

  5. Nyakundi said NO! i like the movement

  6. Ladies will need to work hard

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