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 Former Tahidi High actor OJ talks about life as celebrity and why he regrets wasting himself away

October 08, 2020 at 19:12
 Former Tahidi High actor OJ talks about life as celebrity and why he regrets wasting himself away

Former Tahidi High actor OJ has been having it rough ever since he became a famous actor. According to him, being a celebrity made him overlook the fact that life is always changing as time goes by.

The 35 year old media personality opened up about his past life through his YouTube show. Speaking for the first time, OJ admitted to having been an alcoholic and unfortunately all the money he made during his acting days was squandered in alcohol.

According the fella, during this phase he never thought of putting anything on the side; or even setting up a business to ensure all his earnings are invested somewhere.

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Throwback photo of OJ leaving his drinking Den

Uceleb nayo ikacome through, nayo mimi nilikuwa Celeb big fish, Nivea sijui wako na show kuja. Na uceleb ikaingia kwa akili. Now you can imagine you are an alcoholic, you are a celebrity, kila mtu ukipita tao anakujua…

Depression kicks in

At some point OJ says that he found himself drowning in depression as he had nothing left; after years of building a brand that seemed so promising.
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To him, the fame came and went; but it only changed his life for the worst. He became a full blown alcoholic and lost a loving wife who had given him a handsome son. He went on to add;

but it came and went. As fast as it came as fast as it left. But as soon as it went, I went into a downwards spiral…then I went into drinking, at that time nimeget my son Ethan, Baby Mama. Siku hizi ni baby mama hizo time alikuwanga wife but akaniacha Sababu ya hii alcoholism. Na depression ya jamaa kuwa top huko A-list to ground zero” posed OJ.

But thanks to his friends from back in the day and a strong support system; OJ has finally managed to pick up the pieces and is currently working on himself.




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