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Frankie vs Maureen Waititu: Corazon Kwamboka is the real winner

July 04, 2020 at 11:26
Frankie vs Maureen Waititu: Corazon Kwamboka is the real winner

When Frankie Just Gym It and his immediate ex, Maureen Waititu were splitting, word went round and shocked Kenyans, how could a couple many had held in high esteem as their “couple goals” fallen from grace so quickly?

maureen waititu and frankie

This was a clear sign there were underlying issues that had been allowed to fester. Frankie Just Gym It on his side was largely silent about the matter while Maureen Waititu couldn’t hold her tongue, granting interviews willy-nilly and alluding to Frankie being the problem in their relationships.

Yup, we were right, Frankie Just Gym It played himself with Corazon Kwamboka

Then she went on to make grand claims and even grander gestures signifying the fact that she has moved on. These included her announcing that she had renovated her home to get rid of Frankie’s Feng Shui but now that it has been revealed that he has moved on and is expecting a child by Corazon Kwamboka, that facade has fallen right through.

maureen waititu wonder woman

And that introduces the biggest winner in this entire fiasco, Corazon Kwamboka. And Lily the Genie, as she is also known, is clearly a magic worker because a few days after they started dating… Let us just put it this way, Maureen Waititu, Franki Just Gym It will be seeing their blended family expand by two entire souls and one of them was conceived 6 months ago -right when mummy and daddy first started chilling together.

Maureen Waititu’s reaction after learning about Corazon Kwamboka’s pregnancy (Photo)

And for Frankie Just Gym It who had finally begun to enjoy the beauty of bachelor living once more now has to buckle up and get ready to be a father to an infant and beyond.
You can imagine a man who has gone through raising young boys from their infancy till they are now a lot more independent and then he came to the decision that he and his wifey, the mother of their children, should go their separate ways.

pregnant corazon kwamboka

Then after this, he had to endure being vilified and being shamed in all her interviews as she told a clearly lopsided account of what transpired. And after waiting to exhale, just when has begun to enjoy large gulps of that freedom air, he is now dragged back by his lack of foresight…

frankie just gym it

Fitness coach, Frankie Just Gym It

All the while as Maureen Waititu sits sobbing about how things have transpired, Corazon Kwamboka is giggling. She got what she wanted. She got a high-value man, she has locked him down with a baby and surprise, surprise, she miraculously beat “endometriosis”.

corazon kwamboka and frankie just gym it

Who is laughing now is probably Corazon’s ringtone!


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