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Friend for keeps! Kirigo Ng’arua proves Jacque Maribe is alive and kicking

September 25, 2019 at 12:05
Friend for keeps! Kirigo Ng'arua proves Jacque Maribe is alive and kicking

What are friends for? Kirigo Ng’arua has answered that question perfectly after keeping the public up-to-date on Jacque Maribe’s well-being.

The former Citizen TV news anchor had her public profile stained after allegedly being party to slain businesswoman, Monica Kimani’s murder scandal.

Since she started gracing the court rooms, it has proven tough for her and her brand therefore forcing her to shut down her social profile.

Jacque has been living a private life ever since and has kept her fans and followers pretty worried about her progress.

So now, a caring Kirigo Ng’arua decided to share a photo alongside Jacque Maribe, on social media to confirm all is well with her.

The move was prompted by a Q&A session Ng’arua had with fans and what she had to respond to is how Jacque is doing.

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🎼 It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to… 🎼 Exactly 3 months ago I took a break from this side of town. Why? Just… 😊😊😊 Grateful to all those who checked up on me while I was “away”….I appreciate…As you can see I am still the same old chubby cheeks girl with a smile on her face and a shiny forehead to boot!!! One day I will tell you about this day, but for now…I give credit where it’s due.. and enjoy being here till the next episode!!! Function: @chamzywamzy’s amazing 40th birthday party that rocked from here to Timbuktu!!! Location: @hillpark_hotels 📸 by : @wanzalla Edit by : @muchiriframes #HighlyBlessedAndFavored #AttitudeOfGratitude #MissChubbyCheeks

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She then confirmed it on her Insta stories in a post that reads:

@jacquemaribe is well..for all those who asked about her.





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