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From sleeping on a cold floor to owning a mansion: The Kiunas tell their story

May 19, 2020 at 11:36
From sleeping on a cold floor to owning a mansion: The Kiunas tell their story

The Kiuna´s have not had such an admirable recent past – one full of controversies – but that has never stopped the duo from having some deep sleep every night.

We keep talking of grass to grace and the Kiuna´s are a living testimony of this.

Before the name became a brand, the lovers were nothing but a normal couple from Eastlands who spent nights on the cold floor of a widow´s house, for lack of finances.

The Kiunas

Their story

Taking us back in time, 27 years ago, Rev Kathy Kiuna recalled:

When I met him 27 years ago he was just a young man from East Lands with nothing attached to his name apart from a vision. Before you get on admiring and goals subject, let me tell you. The roller coaster began soon after our wedding and the climbing journey all the way from the floor started.

The story goes:

We were being housed by a widow and couldn’t afford even sch fees and were sleeping on the floor in the same room with our two girls then. We couldn’t function at the junction and became like sister and brother.

Rev Kathy Kiuna

Their vision was one: to own a hotel.

We kept saying the first stop when God comes through will be a hotel . Those who think it’s for food ur right

Despite the struggle and commitment to a man with ´nothing´, the mother of 3 still gave his man the respect he deserved because he was ´a man with vision´.

All this while I never changed how I treated him and never disrespected him one day. I kept seeing the vision.

26 years down the line, here they are. Let´s not even delve into what the couple has achieved both in terms of ministry as well as their deluxe lifestyle.

Mr and Mrs Kiuna

Story for another day.

For Kathy though, they are not there yet because according to her, Bishop Allan Kiuna´s vision is yet to come to pass.

We have built for the last 26 years and are still building coz I believe with all my heart that what I saw in him has not manifested fully. Keep watching this space.

Kathy termed her man her everything.

Just want to thank God for my cheerleader, my coach, my bishop, my hero and my best friend all in one.

The why?

Many would ask why she had to tell anyone about their past, how much they have accomplished, and what they envision.

Mrs Kiuna

Because let´s be honest, everyone has a story to tell.

She explained:

because you need to know that God gives you raw material. What you do with the raw material is what blesses or messes your life.

¨What you admire now has 26 years of history¨ she proudly told her online family.

Jubilee Christian Church founders, Mr and Mrs Kiuna

Her final words of advice to the young, who want miracles to happen in the blink of an eye being:

I’m urging you my daughters/sons and friends all over, start making your history now and work with what God gives you. You will be surprised what will come out of it. That simple young man, that girl who can’t match colors will be your greatest blessing.


Don’t go for married men/women coz that only says you want what’s made you don’t want the work. Who gets hurt in the end. YOU

Mother of 3, Rev Kathy Kiuna

Her story touched fans and followers online, with only tears of sorrow and joy to wipe off, and a smile on their faces, to thank God for a living testimony.





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