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Frustrations galore! Zari takes Diamond’s Muslim children to a church service (Video)

January 29, 2018 at 12:07
Frustrations galore! Zari takes Diamond's Muslim children to a church service (Video)

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Both Zari and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz are Muslims. Zari however seems to have converted to Christianity if going to church is anything to go by.

Zari Hassan was born in a Muslim family, both her mother and father practiced Islam. The mother of five converted to Christianity for the period she was married to Ivan Ssemwanga.

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Zari however reconverted back to Islam when she hooked up with Diamond in 2014. Even their two kids have Islamic names apart from their fancy names.


Diamond has been frustrating Zari with his philandering ways. The Tanzanian singer is said to be sleeping around with Tunda Sebastian and other women.

Zari has been fighting with Hamisa Mobetto and Tunda but now it seem she is tired of her husband’s infidelity. The mother of five has now resorted to seeking divine intervention to her problems.

Zari was seen singing at a church in South Africa last Sunday. She also tagged along her two kids to the church service. Watch the video below:

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  1. She is just lost

  2. The mistake is to let the father live alone is Tanzania,as she takes care of the kids in South Africa

  3. This life has to much pressure

  4. If it makes her find peace,go to the church

    • Not true,

    • Zari will be so stupid to change from Islam to Christianity she only did that because Islam prohibits the life style she wanted but you should know life is short we are just here for a few moment and when we stay forever in here after think twice.

  5. This will cause alot of buzz,religion is just like politics

  6. If going to church makes someone a Christian then going to a garage will surely turn one into a car.

  7. Haki wanaume…why frustrate this much…she doesn’t deserve such treatment for heavenly sake

    • BONNY spare this sympathy of urs hahaha karma is a bitch.Yvann loved zari so much and she dumped him for Diamond.plse allow zari to eat the cake she baked by herself

  8. Mng'ombe Muharami : January 29, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    its beter you could seek GOD’S help at begining than at late hours.If that the case confess your seens first.

  9. It seems that she don’t believe in Allah,Nasibu be careful u better find a real Muslim to save your generation (blood)from hell.those two children you have they are not in safe hands.

  10. Hannah Halima : January 29, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Seek the Lord while He may be found,call upon Him while He is near. Go girl…seek the Father and He can never cast you away…we serve a loving God and He promise to rebuild your life your marriage & your faith again just like the produgal son,He will take you back without any condemnation dear. a god who promise you hell & does not help you when you are in trouble achana naye and his people just point fingers at you just because they sin differently from you pls achana nao. God is love and you are in our prayers till something good happens in Jesus mighty name Amen.

    • Poor Hannah how can u believe a being like u just because he was born miraculous or he performed miracles.. Remember Adam was created from mud isn’t that miraculous.. Moses divides the sea isn’t that miraculous come on wake up hannah God does not have a son nor a partner or anything like him..Jesus is the messenger of Allah ,he’s just like u a being that have needs like ours..he goes to the loo,he feels hungey ,he sleeps and u said he died that too is a human character.. All humans die at the I welcome u to the Right path..Islam is pure and true.

      • Read John 3:16
        Whoever believes in Him ( Jesus) shall not Perish but have Eternal life.
        Not in Prophets or Angels or Allah
        The Name Jesus is given Power and all Knees Must bow to this Name including yours, and every Tongue Must Confess that He is Lord.

        • FariduBushagama : January 30, 2018 at 8:13 am

          Come on humankind’s!!First appreciate the meanings of Christianity and Islam so as to decide which religion is actually the Almighty God,s religion and which one among the two is A certain clique,s religion.Make a thorough research onto this plse before it is too late!!

      • ?????

      • Waw guled MaSha Allah you are right

    • Say staghfirullah my dear sis if u cnt make someone to follow the right way then dnt direct thm another way @Hannah

    • Hannah… I’m with all the way! Jesus is the way, whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Let the naysayers say what they want but funny enuf many of them throng churches for prayers. They believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God even though they fight it. We will keep praying till the whole world acknowledges there’s power in the name of Jesus!

    • Can answer this question
      1:Is Jesus God?
      2:Is Jesus son of God?

  11. Rakelly ramiyan : January 29, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    This people they are only intrested in fame they only thing they can do is to get attention nothing much….

  12. No one should judge you coz ov yo move

    • The only thing I like it’s church thing she is not supposed bring the Muslims kids to church her kids are big she can just say outside the church and wait for her kids she is Muslim ??? as a women Muslim you not supposed to marry a Christian A Muslim name can marry a Christian women it’s not a problem when the Kia from up it’s not Nice what she did but she is frustrating right now because of her husband not been fair to her

  13. Dini ni imani utu huko moyoni

  14. Diamond being a Muslim can marry up to 4 wives.. no big deal as long as he can take care of them. Wacha amalize appetite..

  15. Just fine by her

  16. the true religion is Islam,if zari changes religion living ideals n principles of Islam her parent raised her in,surely shell be cursed.we believe in islamic monotheism

  17. in Bible Jesus claimed that he is not a God nor son of a God

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