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G Clan features Wakuu Music on ‘Memes’ (Video)

March 23, 2020 at 17:08
G Clan features Wakuu Music on 'Memes'

G Clan, the newest Gengetone group in Kenya, has released a new jam with Wakuu Music and it has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few hours ago.

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The track dubbed Memes is simply about how the humorous videos and images can make you laugh when when you are having a bad day. I know it sounds lame but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover.

G Clan

I have always maintained that it is absolutely wrong to judge Gengetone artists by the content of their songs because if you choose to focus on their wordplay skills and rhymes, you’ll realize that they are actually talented.

G Clan, which is made up of Shei, Bimwa, Spoiled and Calamine brought their A-game on this jam. However, if I had to pick my favourite then I would go for the former.

Shei, who’s the only lady in the group, really killed it and I believe she’s the reason why this song is so infectious. She did a good job on the hook with her sexy voice. To add to that, her verse is also sick.

Wakuu Music and G Clan

The other members of G Clan have a unique ability of playing around with words and they end up making some sick rhymes that will make you scratch your head as you try to make sense of it all.

Wakuu Music didn’t disappoint either. The members of the group have a natural flow and they will have you hooked from the moment you hit the play button.

The beat on this track is impeccable. Believe you me, you will not resist the urge to dance when this song comes on. I also loved the video never mind the fact that the concept and execution are simple.

Watch Memes below and tell us what you think. Kudos to G Clan and Wakuu Music.




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